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Silks/ Tissue/ Ribbons/ Fabrics

Learn the art of climbing, foot locks, hip key,  and inversions.

Basics: Learn the foundational silks skills as a beginner. This class will include basic hammock skills.

Level 1/2:  For beginners and beyond

Level 2/3: Pre- requirements: French climb, Russian climb, foot locks, hip key and tourniquet/thigh

Monday            Basics 7-8 pm

Tuesday           Level 1/2  7-8 pm

Wednesday  Level 2/3  7-8:15 pm


Static/ Spin

Come learn the art of pole with us.

Tricks and Spins: All Level, for beginners and beyond. learn to climb, invert and create beautiful shapes.

Flow: All Level, for beginners and beyond. A great combo of floor work and poses in the air.

Basics: Learn the foundational skill and condition existing skills.

Fly Pole all level:  Aerial Pole/ Fly Pole,  beginners welcome.

Friday         Tricks & Spins  All Level


Saturday   Basics  12:15-1:15pm

                          Basics 5-6pm


Aerial Pole/ Lyra/ Handstands/ Fans./ Hula Hoop/ Silk/ Pole

We try to do as many workshops as possible contact us to find out more information or guest teach.


Aerial Hoop/ Lyra

 Lyra is a metal hoop that hangs in the air. Come learn the art of pull overs, inversions and beautiful shapes in the air while building amazing strength.

Basics: Learn the foundational silks and conditioning to build strength.

All level:  For beginners and beyond, learn to sequence and string piece together.

Tuesday            Basics 7-8 pm

Wednesday   All Level + Handstands                                  ( 12yrs+) 4-5:15pm

Friday                 All level 9-10am

Strength Training

Anaerobic Training

This class is designed to help build strength to assist in your aerial journey. Strength training will help prevent injury and assist in meeting you performance goals faster. This class will be entirely in an anaerobic state: meaning ZERO cardio. This class will help you achieve pull-ups, pushups, back muscles, leg and core strengthening for aerial inversions and other poses. We will be using resistance bands and dumbbells in this class

By Appointment only


Are you looking to improve your performance, build muscle, loose body fat and feel better. 

Contact us to learn more about our nutrition coaching program.

By Appointment only


Hammock/ Sling

Come have fun with us with a supported loop the will help you build strength and create beautiful shapes.

Basics: Learn the foundational silks and conditioning to build strength.

Level 2/3: Pre-requirements: straddle back, diaper wrap, and ball tuck.

Monday            Basics 7-8 pm

Tuesday           Aerial Yoga 9-10am

Thursday         Level 2/3  7-8:15pm


Come Spend an hour with us to improve your flexibility for beautiful poses in the air. During this class we will focus on hamstring flexibility, back bending, chest opening, and quad flexibility.

Saturday   10-11am

Open Gym

This is a non instructed time to use the gym and equipment of your choice.

Open Pole: During the class you will have access to our Static Spin Pole and aerial equipment.

Open Gym:During this time you will only have access to Aerial Equipment.

Monday          Open Gym 9-10am

Tuesday         Open Pole 10-11 am

Wednesday Open Gym 5:30-6:45pm

Thursday       Open Gym 11-12pm

Friday               Open Gym 2-4pm

Sunday           Open Pole 12-1pm

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