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Youth Make up Policy

We need 24 hour notice of missed class in order to to recieve a make up class, make up will expire 45 days after missed class.


Cancellation Notice Policy

At Napa Aerial Fitness, we have a 30 day cancellation policy. We respectfully ask you to give us a full 30 days notice before your paid last class, you will be charged the amount owed after your 30 day notice at time of normal auto-pay .

Please Email your 30 day notice to or give your 30 day notice in person at Napa Aerial Fitness .


Thank you for supporting our locally owned and operated business! Every dollar we spend in the community helps us thrive.  We love you and we know daily life can change but we need a doctor note if you want your membership canceled or put on hold sooner then 30 days.

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