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Napa Aerial Fit

Aerial Silks

Napa Valley


Kat Martucci // Owner //Multi Apparatus

Kat started taking aerial classes in 2011 and completely fell in love with the movement and empowerment it gave her. Kat has a strong background in health and fitness growing up as an ice skater, taking up long distance running as a teenager and practicing yoga as an adult she understands the importance of health and fitness. Kat taught PE with Napa Unified School District before opening her own business and received ACE certification and a Yoga certification as well. Kat loves working with kids and adults, she loves to share her passion for aerial arts.

Kate Rawson //Lyra

Kate grew up in Redding Ca and moved to Sonoma 10 years ago where she can throughly enjoy her loves of fitness, hiking, and circus. She is a Massage Therapist specializing in sports/injury massage and is an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor having recently earned her Lyra certification thru CirqFit. She loves all things aerial arts and has been practicing for nearly 4 years. When she's not practicing her silks and lyra skills, you can find her working on her degree in Athletic Training/Kinesiology.  Her dream job would be to work as an Athletic Trainer for Cirque Du Soleil or for the USA Olympic Team. Fun fact: Heights make her nervous! Aerial fitness has helped her to step out of her comfort zone and face her fears daily. Safety is her passion and creativity is her goal and it's an honor for her to provide a safe and creative space for her students.

Gianna Peralta //Hammock

Gianna Peralta is a Napa native and aerial hammock instructor. She has over 14 years of dance experience in tap, jazz, and ballet, including performing in the Napa Regional Dance Company's production of the Nutcracker. She is certified in Pilates and group fitness and has been with Napa Aerial Fitness since the studio opened in April 2018. In teaching Gianna her love of dance with the art of aerial to produce pieces that are graceful and individually expressive.

Cassandra Duran//Fit-Like-Gymnastics and Dance

Creator and founder of the Fit/Like-Gymnastics and Dance training programs, Cassandra has been involved in the sport of gymnastics and in dance her entire life. Cassandra has spent the last 15+ years coaching women's and men's competitive and recreational gymnastics, as well as programs teaching gymnastics to adult learners as well as dancers looking to improve dynamism and acrobatic skills. She is also a choreographer and NAWGJ competitive gymnastics judge and looks forward to seeing you in one of her classes in the studio!

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