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Group Fitness Parties 

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Kid Parties

Basic Package

       up to 8 kids    90 minute less with mini photo session                $250

       *additional $20 per child  after 8 kids

       *additional  45 minutes for pizza & cake  and clean up fee      $75

       *Custom Happy Birthday Sign                                                                $45

           (as shown above in photo)

        * Balloon decor in room                                                                                  $30

Arrive ready to play! We will first jump right into our warm-up where we will go over the rules and tell a little about ourselves. Then we will go over basic, fun tricks for everyone: spinning, running, jumping, flipping, and inverting all on aerial apparatuses. The last 15-20 minutes of class will be reserved for playing and taking photos. Then we will do a short cool down and class will be over. If you would like to rent the space for longer to have pizza & or cake and free time there will be additional fees will apply.

Kids Private/ Semi-Private Lessons

60 minutes up to 3 kids

Start at $75 

Contact us (707) 819-2771

text: (775)742-0106


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