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What to expect

What to wear?
- Fitted leggings.
- Leotard or fitted shirt.
- Full coverage to avoid silk burn.

Avoid wearing.
- Shorts.
- Mesh back legs.
If you would like to wear mid drift, bring extra layers just in case.

Common questions.
Q: Will I be sore?
Depends on the activities you on a regular basis. You may or may not be sore. But the good news is soreness in your muscles means you are getting stronger. If you have sharp pain in your joints or tendons you could have an injury.

Q: Do I need to be strong to join classes?
No, we are here to support each other in getting stronger. All of our teachers are trained to give modifications to fit every level.

Q: Do I need experience?
Most of our classes are all level or Foundations & Basics and every one is welcome in those classes. If a class is listed intermediate or advanced it will have a list of pre-requisites listed in the description of class.

Tips for Success
-Come with a positive attitude.
-Show up consistently.
-Be patient with yourself.

Feel Free to email us
if you have more questions

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