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Aerial Silks

75 minute class

Apparatus: Fabrics/ Tissue/ Ribbons

2 fabric tails that touch the mats

Beginner/ Intermediate:

Learn the fascinating art of aerial silks. Learn to climbs, foot-locks, hipkeys, thigh locks and more.

Intermediate/ Advance:

Pre requirements: french/ basic & russian climb, double dance foot locks, single figure 8 foot lock, same side knee hook, split fabric crochet & a good attitude.

Aerial Lyra  Dance Napa  Valley

Aerial Lyra

 75 minute class

Apparatus: Single point metal hoop that hangs from a rigging point.

All levels welcome: Our teachers are skilled at teaching multi level classes. So if you have never taken an aerial class or you have taken a hundred classes you are welcome.

Pre requirements: A positive attitude.

Things that you will Learn: Pull overs, straddle backs, vine climbs, what pain really is and all kinds of beautiful spiny poses.

Aerial Pole

Aerial Pole

Skills Class 75 minutes


Aerial Pole Silicone - requires full coverage apparal: leggings and occasionally arm coverage.

Aerial Pole Chrome -requires less coverage apparel: shorts, and tank top.

What to wear: bring leggings and shorts or arrive extra early to reserve your pole of choice.

 We look forward to building this program and having all options by December 2021.

Napa Valley Aerial dance ballet

  Contemporary Floorwork

Skills Class 75 minutes

What to expect: Class will begin with a full body dance stretch and warm up. Across the floor exercises will be instructed and practiced week to week. Contemporary dance with an emphasis on floorwork including rolls, and tricks. A routine will be taught during each class.

Pre Requirements: A positive attitude and a pretty smile.


  Youth Dance & Circus

Ages: 5 - 8y

60 minute class

Aerial: lyra & Silks

Dance:  This class is designed to educate our aerialists in dance theory, movements, and the knowledge of choreography using classic styles of Ballet & Jazz.

What to expect: This class starts with a traditional dance warm up with stretching for flexibility and conditioning for strength building. Followed by across the floor with our dance skills currently being worked on. Center floor we will do our choreography along with basic gymnastics. Once our dance is completed instructor will move the class into our aerial and circus activities. 

No Previous Experience Needed, Just bring a positive attitude with a smile.


   Aerial Pole Dance Fitness

Express Class 55 minutes


Apparatus: Aerial Pole/Flying Silicone Pole.

All levels welcome:  This class is designed to improve your endurance and build your strength while learning dance choreography and basic pole skills & tricks.

What to expect: This class starts with our dance based warm up. Followed by conditioning exercises for flexibility and strength. Dance choreography will be taught each class.

Pre Requirements: A positive attitude and a pretty smile.