Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is a beautiful art of with wraps around the body like puzzle pieces. We always practice with 8 inch mats and we have modifications for every level, our goal is safety and fun.

Learn: different ways to climb ,  foot locks ,  basic inversions  , strengthening and conditioning, beginner to advanced wraps.

Hammock Skills

Come learn new ways to move through the hammock. You will build your core and grip strength with ease.


Learn the fundamentals of lyra. All our classes start with new fun ways to warm up. Our warm ups are about 20 minutes plus conditioning moves to get stronger! Followed by technique and sequencing.

Open Gym

Open Gym. Must have approval from a Napa Aerial Fitness  instructor to attend.

Fit/Like: Ballet

Fit/Like:Ballet Created by Fit/Like founder Cassandra Duran, this program utilizes the structure of a ballet class with flexibility, strength training and Ballet HIIT between barre exercises. Perfect for the beginner or the dancer who wants to bring ballet back into their life!

Kids Aerial (ages 7-12 years)

In this class we will learn the foundations of Aerial Acrobatics and other types of body empowerment from hand stands, yoga, and ballet.

Teen Aerial (ages 13-16 years)

In this class we will learn all the basics of building skills on silks and other aerial apparatuses.