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Cleaning Products

Our Sanitation Procedure

1.) Upon Entering: We will be taking all clients temperatures and asking everyone to use anti bacterial before entering the fitness floor.

2.) FLoors: We have marked and divided the fitness floors into 5 spaces (4 students and 1 instructor for each class). We steam clean each area after every single use and steam cleaning the entire floor every day.

3.) Antibacterial: We have placed hand sanitizer all around the studio: the front entrance,the retail area, the rosin station, and the water station.

4.) Rosin: We are selling personal use rosin bags in our retail area. We do supply spray rosin upon request.

5.) Water Station: We are encouraging everyone to bring a full water bottle to every class. We do have our regular water delivery but because we do not have a touchless water dispenser per CDPH & OSHA requirements we are asking that before and after every that all our patrons use provided hand sanitizer. Please bring a full water bottle to help us keep our doors open and everyone healthy.

6.) Yoga Mats: Yoga mats are important and help provide a cushioned non slip surface for our group fitness activities. Please invest in a quality yoga mat that is dedicated to the indoors as we have found that sap is very difficult to get off the floor. We do have yoga mats but encourage you to bring your own to keep our instructors safe.

7.) Lyras: We have purchased a high quality medical grade blue light for our lyras. We have made a blue light disinfectant space under the stairs with curtain to protect our other equipment as the blue light is very strong and requires 20 minute treatments and 2 hour ventilation period allowing us to use the lyras once in the morning and once in the evenings.

8.) Silks & Fabrics: Per CDPH & OSHA Guidlines requires all linens to be treated at 160* for 25 minutes. We are encouraging everyone to buy their own fabric or we will rent a fabric to you for $10. Having your own equipment is best, have a fabric that has been used a few times makes it easier to climb and grip on too. Having your own apparatus will set you up for success.

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