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Detox and  Get Fit

4 week Challenge with Cassie Dudum

September 1st- 29th

Sunday 6pm- 7pm


Looking to improve your strength, flexibility, and aerial technique outside of the gym?

Looking to gain muscle and/or lose weight? Want to have more energy and mental

clarity? Need a fitness coach to help you achieve your goals?


Get Fit in 4 Weeks!

Join instructor Cassie Dudum to get you in peak aerial performance



4 Week Challenge Package Includes:

  • - 3 one-hour fitness workshops at Napa Aerial Fit that are specifically designed for

    building your aerial strength and flexibility! ($150 value!)

  • - Unlimited access to an at-home custom aerialist workout guide that features six 20

    minute circuit workouts! These at-home aerial fitness workouts feature modifications

    based on your fitness level. These workouts can be done with or without the use of

    exercise equipment! ($150 value!)

  • - 2 one-hour support group meetings at Napa Aerial Fit to track your health, personal

    goals, and fitness progress ($50 value!)

  • - Guidance and check-ins from instructor Cassie Dudum

  • - Personalized fitness and diet instruction based on your goals (weight loss, weight

    gain, building muscle, gaining flexibility, etc.!)

  • - Healthy meal plans that accommodate: omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans!

  • - Private Facebook access group includes: fitness guides, grocery lists, recipe ideas,

    motivational posts, positive self-talk guidance, meal planning tips, and more!


Sign Up Now on Mindbody under “Napa Aerial Fit”

4 Week Challenge Package: $90 (Over a $350 value!!!)

*Special Discounted Price for Down The Rabbit Hole Performers*: $75

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