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Silks Teacher Training

With over 13 years of expierence, love and passion for the silks

Kat Martucci has designed an 8 week 30 hour teacher training to share for any one interested

in deepening their knowledge of aerial silks.


What to expect.

During this 8 week,

30 hour training you will learn:

Safety, rigging, preparing for inversions, 

building, strength for inversions, foundational moves, basic climbs, how to instruct, cue

and break it down for everyone.


This train is for everyone !

If you are interested in learning then this is the place for you.  You do not need prior experience or any level of strength to join this.

leah marie share house photography - kat-10_edited.jpg
Learn more...

Thank you for reaching out we will contact you soon with more information.

leah marie share house photography - kat-10_edited.jpg
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